106 days to go…

As time gets closer to the ING Marathon it is time for some planning. I will need to become very familiar with this map of the course. I will need to plan my stops and the emergency use of a port-a-potty in which I will try to avoid as much as possible.

I’m thinking of dividing the full in two halves. The first half I plan to take it a bit slower trying save some energy towards the end. It has been my experience that I always feel better when my body is completely warmed up and have been running for about 45 minutes. I want to use that to my advantage and try to keep pace if I just take it slow at the beginning.

Fuel is very important when running for so long. Keeping hydrated is key to a good performance. After experimenting with different types I have found GU gels to be my favorite. I will also need to plan when and how often I will be taking these.

The big challenge lies on the Rickenbacker bridge which will be at mile 23. At this point I will not be too hard on myself and take a walking break if needed going up the bridge. I must know every turn and every bridge in order to plan and be prepared as much as possible.

This week my friend Monica posted this quote on my wall and it reminded me once again why I am doing this. “I’ve learned that finishing a Marathon isn’t about just an athletic achievement. It’s a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible”.- John Hanc

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