Got toe nails?

As I continue with training and put on miles comfort becomes a big issue. One starts to realize the importance of a good pair of shoes and socks. Before I started running I was uneducated about the right fit of running shoes. I went to a specialized store where I was measured and tested on my running (video taped while running on treadmill) in order to get me the perfect fit for my type of feet and running style. Once I put those shoes on I noticed the difference, specially because I learned I had been buying my shoes too small!

Now that I have learned that I need neutral running shoes with cushioning my feet are much happier. The next step are the socks. I have also learned that socks make a big difference for my blister problems. Already having lost toe nails, I now only wear certain socks to workout. But hey, I have read that black or loosing a toe nail are badges of honor in the running world. Definitely not attractive but I am thankful for nail polish!! 😉

The best pair of socks I have found are these pictured here. The Thorlo Experia pad socks. They provide extra cushioning and come in different colors. They are dry fit which is an important factor when preventing blisters. That way my feet stay dry as much as possible. Just look at the label of any sock and make sure they are NOT made out of cotton.

The last trick I have learned about is Vaseline or generic petroleum jelly. I rub vaseline on my toes every time I workout whether running or not. This helps prevent any friction between toes therefore no blisters! The combination of good sneakers, dry fit socks and vaseline has worked wonders for me. Now let’s hope this continues when I run more each week. I’m up to 14 miles and counting…

“The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare.” – Juma Ikangaa


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