16 miles and counting.

This past weekend was my first 16 mile run. Two hours and a half of running through the city non-stop. I started the run in Coral Gables residential then entered Miracle Mile. I continued on coral way and made my way into the Roads. From there I continued via Key Biscayne and turned around right at the beginning of the Rickenbacker bridge.

It was a nice course. With some lights to cross but the busyness of the city made my run more enjoyable. Most of my long runs are in beautiful neighborhoods but after a while looking at trees may get pretty boring. On this course I found myself being entertained by the different sights and neighborhoods.

It was around 3:30 pm when I started my run. The weather was a bit muggy but then it cleared up to a nice beautiful sunset. Running on Key biscyane by the water is definitely very relaxing. Sometimes we take for granted the views and weather we have in Miami.

One thing I did experience on my long run is all the different pain one starts feeling. The arch of my foot started to hurt but when I reached half way that started to fade away and a new pain would start. It was this way until the end. By the time I got home nothing and everything hurt! I was happy to take a warm shower and head out for a much deserved dinner!

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