Training in cold weather

For the past week the temperature here in Miami has really changed. Earlier this week temperatures were as low as in the 30s. Does this mean my training stops beacuse it’s cold outside?? I wish… But no! Being someone that does not enjoy the cold weather as much, it does make it harder for me to get outside and train. The solution to this problem; well, I don’t think about it too much and just layer up and go! Otherwise, I would never leave the house.

During the day (when it’s a sunny day) it feels much nicer to run. I don’t feel as fatigued and I can go for much longer. Last weekend I ran 18 miles including the Key Biscayne bridge twice. I kept it at a steady pace of about 9:06 minutes/mile. I felt great! No pains and even had energy to sprint the last 2 blocks of the run.

During the night, on the other hand, I have more trouble. I feel I have to be aware of my breathing a lot more and I start to cough after a while because of the cold wind. Last Tuesday was the coldest night and I was doing speedwork at the track with my bootcamp class. I had four layers on the top and 2 on the bottom. I wore gloves and wished I had something for my ears I was so cold.

The cold is supposed to continue next week and so will my training, cold or hot; rain or shine! This weekend I will scale back running doing 13 miles. Next weekend I will be doing 20 miles! I am only a month and half away from Marathon time…


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