23 miles, check!

Today, on a rainy day I ran 23.13 miles. The ING is only 2 weeks away and after today’s run I feel ready. I ran my usual long course from the gables to Key Biscayne. I went over two bridges including Rickenbacker bridge. I made it just under 4 hours with a few 1 minute running breaks after mile 17. I believe that these breaks helped me pick up my pace when running. I ran my last two miles at a 9 minute pace and felt like I had energy to keep going.

Having a good run today really motivates me to push through the day of the marathon and try to put in my best time possible. I have my shoes, new socks and all the gels I need for my run. Excitement is starting to creep in but I’m trying to keep as calm as possible so nervousness won’t take over. I have learned to take it easy at the beginning even if I feel I’m going a bit slow. In my mind I always say to myself ” start slow, finish strong”.

ING, I am ready!!!!! For the next two weeks I will still be running but nothing more than 10 miles at most. I need to tapper down and get some rest that last week.

Have a great day off today! It is couch time for me. šŸ™‚

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