Soup it up!

A couple of weeks ago I was inspired by Jungle Fitness’ blog to make veggie soups in order to keep the veggie intake but with some variation. I made broccoli and pumpkin soups. They were both delicious and very easy to make.

Because soups can be tricky in the sense that if you are not careful any soup can become very fattening defeating the purpose. So I saw my aunt make a very healthy pumpkin soup and by following her steps I realized you can do this with any vegetable of your choice.

All you need is some skim milk, a tiny bit of butter and a pinch of salt. Cook the vegetables by placing them on boiling water for 15 minutes or so, until they become tender. Then, place them in the blender and add milk. Blend until smooth. Add milk according to the consistency you desire with the amount of veggies you have. After that, place them back on the stove with a tablespoon of butter. I like to use the Smart Balance low sodium butter and add a pinch or two of salt. Cook for just a few minutes until soup is creamy. If making broccoli soup, I did add a handful of 2% shredded cheddar cheese. You’re done! Enjoy!




One thought on “Soup it up!

  1. The soups delicious, and the pictures don’t do them justice. The picture at the top is the pumpkin soup – it is tasty and BRIGHT orange.

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