Got Milk?

Since milk does the body good I make sure to have my daily dose. I have gotten in the habit of buying organic milk only because I’m the only one that drinks it at home and it lasts a lot longer than regular milk. I looooove this milk. I usually have it at night in my after workout protein shake.

The chocolate milk is my favorite and because of that I only buy it from time to time. As sometimes it can be difficult for me to just have an 8oz glass. Normally I drink the chocolate milk after a cardio session. It would just be like drinking a sports drink. So instead of having some Gatorade you grab some chocolate milk. When we do mostly running at boot camp I make my protein shake with 4oz of chocolate milk instead of regular to change things up.

The almond milk I just tried recently. It’s very low in calories and carbs but also in protein. I thought to have it from time to time as part of a snack. I have to be honest, I think this is an acquired taste and I won’t be buying this milk too often. The brand I bought says that it is unsweetened and maybe there’s a significant difference in taste, but I did not like this milk by itself. I had the idea to take it in to work and have it with my coffee. That worked for me! It gives the coffee some flavor without being overpowering.

Which other one have you tried??



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