Last week I was to dedicate it to swimming in order to improve technique. I was in the pool six out of the 7 days. I went back to the master’s program at the local park where I started swimming last year. It was a great change in routine and a break from swimming by myself at the gym pool.

Class was great because it varied all week. On Monday we swam for one hour non stop! Talk about working on endurance. By the end of class my shoulders were burning. We probably swam about one mile that day. On Wednesday we went back to our usual drills which include 15 laps for warm up. 4 laps of one arm stroke, alternating arms. 4 laps of kicking only. And ended class by doing 20 laps of arms only. On Friday we started with our usual 15 laps warm up and did 2 sets of 4 laps of sprints with flippers on.

On Thursday I had a private class with the Reaction Coach (a triathlon coach). It was great. Tougher than I thought and it required lots of patience and repetition. But by the end of class I could tell that my technique had improved. The next day at the pool I felt like I was swimming with less effort. It is incredible how swimming is all about technique and not so much about how fit you are.

I am happy to report that focusing on swimming last week has helped me improve and feel even more comfortable in the water. The job is not complete. There is a lot more that I need to learn and will be trying out some other classes in the near future. Will keep you guys posted in my adventure! =)


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