Trilogy I

Yesterday I completed the first sprint Trilogy triathlon of the season. It was definitely an interesting race for me and this phrase came to mind as I was racing. “The more difficult the challenge, the greater the reward”. Why that is, because this was my first race I have done while sick.

Last thursday night I started to feel a scratchy throat. By friday it was a severe sore throat. As stubborn as I am, I still went to swim practice and by the fifth lap I just had to get out and go home. Breathing through the mouth while having a sore throat was not a pleasant thing. By saturday my sore throat was gone but all the congestion started. I woke up early and went to boot camp class as it was in South Beach (my favorite) and I did not want to miss it. I did taper back some in class so I wouldn’t be sore the next morning for the race. Never the less, it was an intense 2 hour plus workout.

Sunday morning arrives. I had been looking forward to the race as I participated in it last year and was eager to see if I could improve my time. On this morning my congestion was pretty bad and I was coughing a lot. I was not able to have my breakfast as I did not have an appetite. I made sure I was well hydrated and had plenty of fluids. Off to the race I went.

I was calm and planned to stay that way. I did not want to get nervous about racing with this cold. All I kept thinking was, “just do your best and DON’T DROWN!!!!”. It was tough for me to get my rhythm going in the swim but once I got it, I was good to go. The bike part needs great improvements. Out of the three disciplines is the one I practice the least. My run was ok, I felt good while running. But I made sure I had my rag because I was blowing my nose and coughing the entire way.

Overall, I had fun. I do these events because I enjoy being active, meeting new people and sharing one more interest/hobby with my husband.
I can’t wait for next month’s race and hopefully I won’t be sick so I can improve even more…

SWIM(.25) T1 BIKE (10 mi) T2 RUN(3.1 mi) TOTAL TIME
0:12:02 1:37 0:36:29 1:09 0:28:24 01:19:40.13

One thought on “Trilogy I

  1. Missed me??? lol hahah j.k. Sorry to hear that you got sick right before your race. However, you are a champ for going through with it and completing it. I had gotten sick last week too and felt like “ASS” and did not do crap for four days. lol Congratulations on completing your 2nd Trilogy and glad to hear that you did not drown!! j.k. Awesome job my friend =)

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