Trilogy II

Last Sunday I participated in Trilogy II triathlon. The same Mack Cycle series that began last month. This was an interesting race for me. I was excited to race without being sick like last time. So I was looking forward to trying to better my time.

Race day began smoothly, I was feeling good… Not nervous but just a bit sleepy. The entire week I had been getting up between 4:20 am and 5:30 am to workout in the morning before work and do it all over in the afternoons as I usually do.

For the swim this time I was mentally preparing myself to jump in the water and immediately put my head down and begin swimming. This has been a challenge for me because I tend to wait around till everyone positions themselves to really start my swim. So when we were ready to take off I positioned myself in the middle of the pack off to the right. So I would not have anyone to the right of me just in case things got ugly. As I began to swim, I kept my self focused trying to find a rhythm. When passing one of the lifeguards on his surf board I could hear him yelling “let’s go, this is what you train for”. Immediately that gave me the push I need it. In my head I was telling myself all kinds of crazy talk to keep going. I was swimming behind two girls that were a bit further up. I said to myself, you have to catch up. I began pushing myself trying to keep form as much as possible (thinking of my coach yelling at me for not rotating). Just before it was time to stand up I noticed I had the girl next to me! I was so happy that I was able to push and keep focused to meet my goal. When racing its all about short-term goals for me. Pass this person and then sight another one and pass them and so forth… I’m happy to report I swam this race 2 minutes faster than last month’s race. I came in at 10:03 minutes. Yeah!!

The bike portions started a bit rocky. I had practiced so I was looking forward to also doing a little better this time. As I began to put my bike shoes on I realized that the inside strap had come loose. I thought not to mess with it and just wear the shoe as is. I get my bike and run out of transition area. When trying to mount on the bike I look down and my chain had come off. I tried to mess with it, but not knowing what the hell I’m doing I start to panic. Thank god some stranger that was cheering for us came to my rescue. He helped me and put the chain back on. I got on my bike and off I went. I tried not to let it get to me as I knew that had cost me a few minutes of my time. After all I came in 4 seconds faster than the previous race. So now I’m curious to know what my time would have been if I didn’t have the chain issue. Bike time 36:35 minutes. I need lots of improvement on the bike. It is my weakest point.

The run went smooth. Surprisingly enough it was not too hot and mostly shady. Didn’t go all out but a comfortable pace and finished at 28:19 minutes for 3.1 miles.

Now this time around my transition times were longer. I will be practicing for next event. Overall, I’m very happy with this race as I finished in 1:17:55 and that’s 2 minutes faster than last month’s Trilogy! Gotta keep working hard, but I am seeing improvements and that’s what keeps me going.


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