Mango Salsa Fish dish

Another dish I tend to make often when running short on time is this delicious salsa fish.  Just place fish (in this case Tilapia) on a baking dish and cover with your favorite salsa. Bake for about 20-25 minutes until fish is flaky. I also like to throw in some fruit. Just cut a cup of mango or peach to give it a tropical twist! =)

For the salsa I use Newman’s Own Mango Salsa. yum!


Sunday Cycling

Sunday mornings now have a new meaning for me. After joining Miami Pace (a triathlon training group) and convincing my husband to join as well, Sundays are a challenge that I love to take on every weekend. Cycling has been such a physical and mental sport for me. Mental because I had always been terribly scared of sharing the road with the crazy, inconsiderate Miami drivers. Thankfully my confidence in this department is rapidly increasing. Physical because it’s a new sport for me and improvement always takes a lot of time and work. Let me tell you, spending hours on that saddle is not easy!

Joining this group has made a cycling a more enjoyable experience. There is great camaraderie among teammates and people are very friendly. I was very excited to complete my longest ride ever of almost 57 miles! This group will definitely will help me improve and prepare myself for Miami Man’s International distance triathlon in November.

Roasted Veggies

One of my favorite side dish is roasted vegetables. I usually just cut up a variety of peppers and onions. Toss them with some olive oil and some spices and broil them in the oven. It’s super easy and delicious. This time I decided to throw in some Calabasa Squash. It was so good!! You can do this with many veggie. Get creative and pick a different vegetable every week!

Coconut Oil

Sometimes it’s not about what you are eating but how it was cooked.  Try more natural and healthier options for cooking such as oils, spices and home-made sauces and not store-bought dressings and unhealthy oils.  I use coconut oil and olive oil for all my cooking.  Yesterday I made lean pork loins on the skillet with coconut oil.  Give it a try!

Muffin Mix

Last week I posted a picture of a gluten free muffin mix along with other ones I found at the groceries store. I only purchased the muffin mix but I’m planning to go back for the pizza one. Well, here is the result. It was very easy just followed the steps on the back of the bag and voila.  Of course, I substituted the oil for apple sauce and added fresh fruit.  I went with some bananas and strawberries this time.  I will try these again but next time I’m thinking of adding in some pumpkin and cinnamon, yum!

Here’s how my muffins came out…