Counting down to MIAMI MAN

On November 13th I will take part in Miami Man Triathlon International distance. This consist of .6 swim, 22 mile bike ride, and 6.6 mile run. This will also be my last triathlon of this season and the longest one I will have done yet. I’m very excited for this race. This race will represent a lot of hard work and mental strength. I’m also very excited that my husband will be doing his first Ironman at the very same event. I just can’t imagine doing twice the distances already mentioned. Maybe one day I’ll get there. For now I enjoy training for triathlons more than I like racing. Training keeps me active, I meet new people and it helps to keep exercise fun and different.

The event will take place at  Larry & Penny Thompson Park & Miami Metrozoo .

Here’s a map of the swim


Map of the bike

A map of the run

Come cheer at the race. You’ll meet some very inspiring people! Oh and did I mention that my husband is doing the Half Ironman distance!!!! SOOOOOO excited for him. I will be cheering for him as soon as I’m done with my race. Come out and see us!!!!


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