Join me in a new 30 day challenge!

The holidays are fast approaching and it is inevitable that I don’t over eat on those days. Now that does not justify over eating for an entire month around each holiday. Starting Monday the 14th I will begin my 30 day clean eating challenge. This will help me to stay focused for my upcoming races in January. I will be participating in the Ragnar Relay to Key West in early January and in the Miami ING Marathon in late January.

What is this clean eating challenge about?
I will try my very hardest to go a full 30 days WITHOUT dairy, legumes (including peanuts) and any processed foods. By that I mean no processed carbs or artificial foods. No creamers, artificial sweeteners, no bread of any kind, no oats, no grains.

I will post my progress, my ups and downs in the 30 days. I will be a lot more fun if people join in and do this with me by posting comments on how they are doing as well. What do we have to lose??? A couple of pounds maybe… Feeling and looking better… I see nothing wrong with that! If at the end you find this does not work out for you, slowly go back to what works. But at least you never had the doubt of what if?. So who’s with me???
Here’s a picture of how your new plate should look like.

picture from

6 thoughts on “Join me in a new 30 day challenge!

  1. well… im on a similar challenge… doing the ‘no rice, pasta, bread or beans’… am snacking occasionally on some almonds though… =] started last week and want to last through the end of the year (i am allowing myself thanksgiving and noche buena though) =] we will do it together!!!!! =]

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