Tri season is finally over!

As I sit here with ice packs, compression socks and recovery shoes I have an immense feeling of accomplishment and relief. Miami Man was a success in my book and the season is finally over!

I’m happy to report that I beat my expected time with flying colors. Because I had never done this distance before (my longest so far) I could not be exact in predicting how long I was going to take. I figured it would be any where from 3 hours to 3 hours and a half. Well to my surprise I finished in 02:56:31.32 and I was thrilled.

Times: SWIM(.6 mile)-0:26:23 T1-2:49 BIKE(22 miles)-1:19:31 T2-2:07 RUN(6.6 miles)-1:05:41

The beginning of the swim was tough for me. As I started to swim I quickly became out of breath and heart was beating out of control. Because this had happened to me while training with the full wet suit I knew what was going on so I did not panic. I turned on my back and to a few strokes while catching my breath until I could continue. Once I felt better and warmed up I turned again and off I went. I never stopped swimming until it was time to stand up and get out. I looked at my watch and was a minute off of what I wanted to complete the swim in but I was content with my effort and continued the race.

For the bike portion all I can say was windy, windy, windy!!! Wow that was tough! I had recently done a special size fitting for my bike and did not ride longer than 16 miles before the race so I knew this could be interesting. My legs felt great in this new position. I was so amazed at the difference. My back was not too happy. At about mile 12 I started to feel lower back pain and I got pretty uncomfortable. My lower left side was hurting me the entire time after that. I just kept pushing my self and thinking “the slower you pedal the more time you will be on this thing, and I want to get off so move it!!!” Literally kept repeating that to myself. Never been happier (well maybe when I rode 56 miles) to get off that bike.

I started my run and I could still feel my back but it slowly started to go away. And of course something else started hurting. My stomach started cramping up. Not too bad, but the discomfort was there. I never stopped running. I only stopped at the water stations and walked so I could drink some water. I realized that I can not run and drink water at the same time! Over all my run was good. Cramping came and went all the way. I looked down at my watch and noticed I had the chance to make it under the 3 hours so I went for it. Pushed through, didn’t even look at any animals in the zoo. I was focused. Very happy I did it!

When finished I was very pleased. When you know you give it your all and fight through pain and mental hurdles the feeling of accomplishment is even greater. Thanks to everyone that came out to support me and for all the messages I received. It really does make a difference when you have friends and family supporting me!

coming out of the swim
Just finished the bike portion
These girls rock!
with Jungle Fitness trainers

2 thoughts on “Tri season is finally over!

  1. Great Job! Loved what you wrote. Hopefully one day I’ll get the courage to do a tri lol. You are a machine 🙂 Congrats again!

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