30 day Challenge- Post #1

I’m only on day three of this challenge but so far so good. I have managed to stay away from the huge chocolate bowl belonging to my neighbor at work. I’ve somehow managed to say no to Swensen’s and their delicious milk shake my husband wanted to get last night. Willpower is something I am very proud of. When I put my mind on something I’m usually pretty good about sticking to it. But hey, we’re all human.

Here I have a couple of websites to help you understand the concept behind this way of eating. Although this follows guidelines of the Paleo diet, I like to refer to it as “Clean Eating.” Why? Because people tend to think of Paleo as a diet and it’s really not. There are different ways you can follow that plan and for me it has become my lifestyle and not just a diet.

Check these out:


The Paleo Project

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