Stuffed Pumpkin

After making stuffed peppers and acorns I noticed all the possible dishes I could be making using this style of meal. After Halloween all I saw were those left over pumpkins at the groceries store. So I decided to pick one up and give it a try. This was easier than I thought!

Cook about a pound of ground lean beef, pork or turkey.
Add in any spices and chopped veggies of your choice. Here I added some cumin, chili powder, diced tomatoes and onions.

Clean the pumpkin by taking out all seeds. Place protein mixture in pumpkin and bake at 35o degrees for 40-45 minutes. Poke pumpkin with knife to make sure it’s soft and ready.

Here’s my dinner plate with some roasted beets!

One thought on “Stuffed Pumpkin

  1. These are really good. They are healthy, tasty, and satisfying. Nothing I hate worse than healthy food that leaves me wanting more. If I am not satisfied at the end of my meal, I just wander around the house aimlessly in despair looking for something else to satisfy me. I end up stuffing my face with something decidedly not healthy in my moment of weakness. That doesn’t happen after eating these.

    Moral of the story: “healthy food” is only healthy if it is satisfying enough to keep you away from other food. This meal makes the grade.

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