Ragnar Relay FLK

As many of you know this past Friday I participated in the Ragnar Relay from Key Biscayne to Key West. Each team consists of 12 members, 6 in each van. The vans alternate when all six members have done one leg, for a total of 36 legs varying in distance.

In preparation I had my maps ready. I took them with me each time just to make sure I wouldn’t get lost.

We had our team shirts ready!

We decorated our van…

I prepared my meals before the race in order to stay on track with my meal plan even during the race.

Turkey Chili and Roasted Butternut Squash

Chicken and baked Sweet Potato

Our van was #2. We ran from about 10am Friday to about 5pm Friday. Started our second legs around 11pm Friday and finished at about 5:35am Saturday. Our third legs started Saturday around 10am and we finished at about 2pm Saturday. Now how crazy is that!!! In between our runs we had time to eat, nap and shower. These exchanges happened at schools that were big enough to provide it all.

Nap time some where in Key Largo

This is me getting ready for my midnight run of 6.2 miles! I was sooo scared to run at night all by myself! But I did my 6.2 miles in 53 minutes 37 seconds.

My last leg! I was so happy to finish my portion…. I ran 2.1 miles in 14 minutes 34 seconds.

husband showing some support. 😉

And finally after 32 hrs we finished. It was an amazing experience for 12 people to run 199 miles. I was lucky to have great team mates that made this race a memorable event.

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