Eating Out 101

The last week of December I was on vacation from work. My husband and me decided to make it a stay-cation and I was happy to do so. I never realized how many invitations for Christmas parties, birthdays and gatherings we were going to have so we never had a dull moment. I took a break from cooking that week which meant we went out to eat for almost every meal. If you remember from earlier posts I was on a clean eating challenge all through out the holidays and that meant vacation week too!

Here are some examples of my meals when eating out. There are no excuses if you want to eat well through any circumstances, I guess it just depends on how bad you want to meet your goals. The more I resist temptation and stay focused, the easier it becomes without giving it much thought. Even when eating out almost everyday I manage to lose some weight during the holidays, now that’s something you don’t hear very often!….Moral of the story, stay focused my friends. Keep your eyes on the prize! 😉

@ Berries Coconut Grove - Chicken, sweet potato mash and broccoli.

@ Coral Bagels - Eggwhite omelette with peppers, onion, tomatoes and fruit cup

@Deli Lane - Low Carb Eggs Benedict no sauce and fruit cup.

@Montys - Grilled Dolphin and side salad.

@ Outback - Steak light style, veggies and asparagus.

@ Season's 52 - Chili and house salad

@ Spris - Grilled chicken and house salad with balsamic vinegar.

@ The Fish House - Grilled salmon with squash and zucchini.

3 thoughts on “Eating Out 101

  1. I totally agree w/u. There is no excuse! Yet, I came up with a bunch during the Holidays and my vacation. lol One thing i did not stop was working out and stay active by riding bike. The best part of what you were able to accomplish is the awesome feeling at the end. Feeling and looking great!!! =)

  2. In the 40 day challenge I continued to eat out and did the same….almost every restaurant has some kind of healthy restaunrant. At the beginning I still got a little nervous walking in with all the temptation… but now it’s becoming second nature 🙂

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