ING Miami Half Marathon 2012

So this is the race that started it all. Last year as I began training for my first full marathon and I also started this blog. Things have changed quite a bit this year. This blog is now more focused on food and recipes than actual training. It was not my intention but it was what people (my friends mostly) were more interested in. I still like to included the races I’m training for and completing. I find that as much as I enjoy reading other people’s experiences and learning from them. Maybe, just maybe some one can learn something from me. 🙂

So after running the full marathon on Jan 30th 2011, just the day after the race I decided to sign up again. Yup! you read this correctly. The day after running 26.2 I decided I wanted to do it all over again. Mind you, I still couldn’t walk I was in so much pain…

A few months ago I made a decision on where to take my training. I often battle with this because I enjoy both strength training and endurance training. I could either go on and start really pushing distance and train for my full marathon and maybe get into longer distance triathlons or I could focus more on strength training and getting my running pace back up. After the marathon I just couldn’t run as fast as I used to and would have trouble with keeping pace. After much consideration and deep conversations with my poodle, I decided to switch to the half marathon and begin strength training.

If you recall my 40 days of training were about this, in fact it hasn’t finished yet. My 40 days are up just on the same weekend of ING. 40 days of strict clean eating, increased protein, intense workouts and no alcohol. Yes, it has been tough. Could not have done it without the support of my husband who helps me in whatever crazy idea I have going on at the moment. My Jungle Fitness trainers have destroyed me at some of these workouts. But they have been truly amazing in helping me meet my goals. I have already seen some improvements in pace, overall performance, my weight and body appearance.

The last test, ING half marathon. My first half I ran at 2:15 which was my slowest and my fastest was at 2:00 flat. This coming Sunday the 29th will be my fifth or sixth half (can’t remember how many I’ve done) and I’m hoping for a PR. Won’t get disappointed if I don’t make it but I will certainly push myself towards as I have worked very hard and will continue to do so.

If you are in the area, come cheer! It’s an amazing experience!

If not, feel free to track a runner or even ME! 🙂 My bib number is 13290.

Here’s a map of the 13.1 miles I’ll be running.

3 thoughts on “ING Miami Half Marathon 2012

  1. K, I remember your training last year and the mantras you were seeking to carry your mind during the race. I’ll be running it and thinking of you, sending you good vibes. 🙂

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