How excited am I for this weekend’s race??? VERY!!! My wonderful training partner whom you may have read about previously had the wonderful idea to drag me into this race with her. Can you feel the sarcasm?!?!? Well maybe it’s because this race is made up of an 8 mile obstacle course in which the participant has no clue what those obstacles are. Yup, it is all a surprise. I have seen pictures of other Spartan races at different cities that include swimming, climbing walls, running over fire, mud pits and God knows what else. So yes this race makes me a little nervous!

You can see more picture here.

The good news, my Jungle Fitness team decided to join and now our team consists of over 40 of us. And that gets me excited and pumped to kick some Spartan butt!

The race is this Sunday so wish me luck! 🙂

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