Corn On The Cob

Now that summer is near I would like to grill (or have my husband grill :-)) more often. One of my favorite sides is corn on the cob. Since Miami weather is so unpredictable I found a new and easy way to have my corn on the cob without depending on good weather.
– Corn
– Coconut spread
– Pepper
– Paprika
– Garlic powder

I used organic corn with leaves and husks.


Peel the leaves back carefully without ripping them out.


I used this coconut based spread instead of a dairy product. You can use butter if you like.


Once leaves are peeled back, cover with spread and all spices.


Cover corn with leaves again and place in oven for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees. Make sure no husks are touching the bottom of the oven or it will burn.


Let the corn cool. Peel all leaves and enjoy!!!

#Mayfitchallenge Photo-A-Day week 3 and 4

Here’s a summary of my pictures for week 2 and 3. I have to be honest and say I skipped a few due to my schedule not matching the order of pictures. Here’s what I have….

Day 12- workout buddy


Day 13- Healthy Dinner


Day 14- calves


Day 15- favorite workout


Day 16- outside


Day 17- sprints


Day 18- work out necessities no picture 😦

Day 19- legs


Day 20- new work out – no picture

Day 21- cheat meal


Day 22- biceps


Day 23- post work out meal


Day 24- back


Day 25- calluses


Roasted Zucchini

Here’s another easy recipe for a side dish that will go well with any protein you make.

– I cut each Italian zucchini in half and cut it lengthwise twice.
– Place it on baking sheet skin down.
– Mince some garlic and place in small bowl. As garlic sits it becomes more flavorful.
– Mix some olive oil, pepper and complete seasoning with the garlic and brush on the zucchinis.
– Bake on 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes until the zucchinis are a bit brown on top.


Very easy and so tasty!!! Enjoy!

Tuna Melts

I saw this recipe on here and thought to try it out and have as a snack!

I made some changes as I used what I already had at home but the result were still delicious. Nothing beats a quick recipe that is pack with nutritious ingredients.

Just cut out the tomatoes and scoop out everything from the inside.

For one can of tuna used, I used 2 Tbs of 0% Greek yogurt. Some red onion chopped. Pepper, oregano and basil to taste.

Mix all ingredients together and place mixture in tomatoes.

Top with cheese. I used 2% skim milk American cheese.

Broil for 3-5 minutes until cheese is melted. I used my toaster over so it took a bit longer.

So delicious! I see myself making these often… Thanks The pescetarian and the pig!

#Mayfitchallenge Photo-A-Day Week 2

Here’s the photo a day challenge from Instagram.

Day 5-Dumbell used for biceps (at home)

Day 6- Favorite fitness attire (any jungle fitness shirt)

Day 7- Healthy snack (protein shake)

Day 8- Cardio (Did cardio at 5am and didn’t take a pic. It rained all day long not letting me complete round two.)

Day 9- Vitamins

Day 10- Fitness role model (Jan from Jungle Fitness)

Day 11- Pre workout snack (at 5:30 AM)

Chi Chi Chi Chia!

Ha! I can’t say the name without thinking of that silly commercial of the Chia pet! And yes, it’s the same seed I’m about to tell you about. In my search of trying to include more fiber in my diet, I decided to give this natural seed a try.

Chia seeds are tiny dark seeds that are “an excellent source of dense nutrition with their healthy omega oils, easily digestible protein, and antioxidants. In fact, chia is so high in essential fatty acids that it contains eight times more omega-3s than salmon, gram for gram. Also full of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals (especially calcium and iron), chia has much in common with flaxseed, with the distinct advantage that its natural antioxidants make it’s delicate healthy fats more nutritionally stable. Research has linked this valuable food as a being beneficial for many health issues, including diabetes, hypoglycemia, celiac disease, and lowering cholesterol”.

I put them in almond milk yogurt or in my gluten-free oatmeal. I can’t barely taste them but it adds a crunchiness to my food.

I also ran into Hemp seeds and Maca powder. I have included them all in my diet having Maca on a daily basis. My advise is to do your own research! Here’s the page for the products I bought. Hope this helps!

Bacon Wrapped Dates- Ohh so Paleo!

I’m not a fan of bacon, I’ve never really have been… I never order it when going out for breakfast and certainly don’t cook it at home. Well that all changed until I tried this, bacon wrapped dates!

By now you probably know what happens when I try new food. I just have to make it myself and see how it comes out. That’s exactly what I did and boy was it good. It was so good I won’t be making these for a while. Paleo people swear by bacon, I however, I’m a bit conservative eating saturated fat. These do make great and easy to make appetizers or snacks.

Here are my ingredients. You can also substitute the bacon for turkey bacon if you like.

Just wrap each date with a bacon strip and place on baking sheet. I used half a strip for each date. Make sure to press it down on baking sheet so it does not fall apart.

Bake at 300 for 20-25 minutes.

Done! Enjoy but not too often πŸ˜‰

#Mayfitchallenge Photo-A-Day

Here are the pics for this week… Sorry I missed picture number three (sweat) as I did not work out due to a knee/leg injury.

I’m back in the game this weekend as I went swimming this morning and I’m traveling as I type to Clermont for a Triathlon training camp! You’ll here more about it when I come back. πŸ™‚
Have a great weekend!!!!!

Day #1 Before picture


Day#2 Healthy Breakfast


Day #4 running shoes


Kale Chips

Now that I’m receiving my box of veggies and fruits from the organic club, I get some items that I never really cooked with before. So I get to experiment and here’s my first try with Kale. This was really easy to make and a fun way to include greens in your diet.

-Wash and dry the Kale.
-Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper.
-Then cut the leaves out from the thick stem. Cut them in a large size as they will reduce when cooked.
-In a bowl mix all the leaves with some olive oil, rubbing the leaves to make sure they are covered well.
-Sprinkle some sea salt.
-Place them on the baking sheet in a single layer.
-Bake at 300 degrees for about 20-25 minutes or until crisp. Keep an eye on them as they burn quickly!