It’s All About Making It Easier..

We all know buying organic foods can be expensive and if you’re like me that all I buy at the grocery store are veggies, fruits and meats, you’ve noticed that produce is not cheap! Thanks to a couple of my friends I found out about organic buying clubs.

I decided to give it a try! With Annie’s Organic Buying Club I’m able to get all my organic fruits and veggies at a discounted price. I pick up my box every other Monday from a convenient site that’s really close to home. I get seasonal produce that’s very fresh all year round. At every pick up I get a variety of produce and what I really like about this club is that you can add, remove and substitute products to your liking all done online. They even post information about the food you are receiving and recipes for each thing you get.

Yesterday was only my second pick up but I’m really enjoying getting my organic food this way!

Here’s what I’ve gotten in my “half-share” boxes… Click on the pictures for a list of ingredients. 😉

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