Mack Cycle Trilogy 8-19-12

Yesterday I participated in a sprint triathlon that's part of a 4 race series. This is my third year participating and my improvements are really starting to show. This year I only did two events; one in June and the other yesterday. I've trained hard since the race in June and it shows. Take a… Continue reading Mack Cycle Trilogy 8-19-12


Got Legs?

This past weekend I was lucky to be able to take part on Reaction's tri camp in Clermont, Fl. We were all so excited that us girls even got our nails camp ready! All I can say about that weekend is wow! The rolling hills were never-ending. We rode the famous Sugarloaf climb which is… Continue reading Got Legs?


Bacon-wrapped Chicken

After discovering that I actually like bacon (but not the crispy breakfast kind), I'm always interested to try new recipes that include it. Here's an easy one I found at Balanced Bites. This is what I used and just followed the simple instructions. We loved it and will be making again soon!!