I’m a Big Girl Now!

Sorry I haven’t been posting as often lately but I do have a few updates to tell you about throughout the week.

I’ll start with the most exciting one for me. My new bike!!!!!!!!!! Last week for my birthday present I upgraded my very basic road bike to triathlon bike. I was very excited but somewhat nervous due to the new position of the bike. I went out last Sunday for my first ride on it and did close to 60 miles. I was so happy with it!!! I tend to have back pain and didn’t feel a thing on it. I rode on it all weekend feeling great (but that’s my next post ;-)).

I get to test it out on a sprint race this Sunday. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’m a Big Girl Now!

  1. Wow – bet that bike is expensive, looks amazing! I actually came across your blog as I am looking at doing a triathlon myself, would very much like to do a Iron Man one day…

    I ran the London 2011 marathon so not a complete rookie… any tips on which is the best distance triathlon to start with? 🙂

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