Key Largo Bridge 13.1 half marathon

It was a beautiful day for a race today. With temperatures in the high 60’s when we started and in the 70’s as soon as the sun came up, made it a comfortable run. Beautiful views from the Jewfish bridge in Key largo made the 13.1 run much easier. It was a small group for the half marathon. Our group was the first to go as there was a 10K (6.2 miles) and a 5K (3.1 miles) that followed.

Personally, I felt great. I was relaxed, enjoyed the views and the nice breeze for the first half. There was a turn around point at approximately 6 and a half miles. At that point I felt my left knee hurt a little. shortly after the pain began to increase and twice I felt my knee give out on me. I had to slow down my pace and walked during the next two water stops. My knee felt a little better after each walking break so I would try to speed up as much as I could. But would always feel some pain. There was the Jewfish/Key Largo bridge along the beginning of the course, which only meant we had to run the bridge towards the end of the course again…

When I’m dealing with pain or discomfort while a long run it is very easy to immediately become discouraged. At this point I knew that I was not going to be able to meet my goal of finishing before two hours. I kept as positive as I could thinking that even with my knee hurting I was happy to be able to finish without walking. I somehow got the strength to pick up my pace with 3 miles left and going uphill on the bridge. I have never been happier then when I was running downhill and 2 miles to the finish.

It was a shame my knee was not cooperating because otherwise I was feeling good. Not too tired, not too hot; I had energy left. However, I am happy to report that I still beat my personal best for a half marathon by almost 4 minutes! My time for today’s race was 2:00:50. I enjoyed the event and I am now enjoying my time by the pool as we are staying in Key Largo for the weekend. 🙂

Jewfish/Key Largo Bridge

What a beautiful view!

Running on the bridge


Icing my knee right away!