To Eat Gluten-free or Not To?

Since my eating started to follow a more “clean eating” style I wondered about gluten-free products. I mainly follow Paleo cooking but I take supplements that don’t go with the “caveman” style of eating. That’s why I refer to my meal plan as clean eating, because it does not follow the Paleo plan 100%. When it comes to processed carbs, the Paleo plan states that one should go with gluten-free items specially when doing endurance training or if you follow the “Paleo for athletes” model. But the following questions always seems to come to mind. Isn’t rice and corn more fattening than whole wheat??? So if I don’t have a medical excuse to cut wheat out, why would I eat gluten-free foods that are mainly made with rice and corn?

Here’s an article I found that has helped me made up my mind. The good news, I rarely have any processed carbs anyways and this will just keep my away even more. 😉

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