How Sweet Is Too Sweet?

What I love the most about my journey to health and fitness is having the best training partner EVER!!!!!!!! I’m pretty good about training and eating most of the time but I’m only human and have my slips here and there. After ING my eating has not been on point. I started to bake again (I had missed it soooo much) and even though I give most of what I bake to friends, those are still added treats into my diet. I have been more lenient on having dessert which is my weakness. Although I keep my main meals on point I found myself having treats more often than I would like to. The results, some weight gain. 😦

So what did I do??? I told my training partner! I was honest of how I’m feeling and the hard time I’m having to get back on track. Her answer….”We do well with challenges, why don’t we do one? A no sweets challenge!”

I love the way she thinks. For me, a great training partner is someone who takes health and fitness as seriously as I do. Gives it their all. Is there on my good days and cheers me on when I’m struggling. Doesn’t make any excuses. Goes out of the comfort zone and drags me with her. I really don’t know what I would do without her! Monica, you rock!

Ok, back to the challenge just in case someone out there is willing to join us. Very simple, 20 days of no sweets or sugar. That means no home-made sweets either. If we cheat in those 20 days, one has to be honest and say it. For each cheat one gets to do 5 burpees. At the end of the 20 days, add all the cheats and do all burpees at once. Let’s do this! Starting today and plan for no burpees!

Game ON!!!!