Egg and Avocado dip

Ok, I know this may not sound too appealing but please be open minded and give this a try… I can have this for a snack anytime!



When making for a snack I used half of a hass avocado, two eggs and a teaspoon of the lemonaise. If you’re making it to share add more…


I paired my dip with flax seed crackers.

Goodbye Mayo!

Recently as I walked the isles of the groceries store I came accross this product. I read the labels and it wasn’t bad at all. This is a low carb substitute for Mayonnaise. I don’t use it too often but it is great for tuna, chicken or turkey salads. It has come in handy for an emergency meal or snack. When making these salads mix together the protein with hard boiled eggs and some green onions.

Today for post-gym breakfast I had one teaspoon of it with some tuna and tomatoes. Along with one chicken and apple sausage.

Enjoy your weekend and stay active!