My Eating Habits 101

In the last 3 years or so my eating habits have changed dramatically. You can probably tell by the history of recipes in this blog. Little by little I began to change the way I eat as I learned about better food choices for a healthier me. I enjoy to read about food. Knowing the reason for eating it (or avoiding it) and when to eat it is critical to me. I continue this journey as it is not easy…. I choose to eat the way I do because I feel better, with more energy, lighter when exercising and it gives me great satisfaction when I eat something that I know what exactly its ingredients are and how it was cooked. Oh, and looking better helps too! 😉

To me, eating whole “real” foods is what it’s all about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m only human and have my cheats like everyone else. But for the majority of the time I focus on eating something that’s natural and may even contain more calories than the processed calorie free alternative. That is what eating healthy is all about for me. I’ve been lucky not to have any major health issues and each year my lab results couldn’t get any better. I believe I owe that to my eating habits. I don’t always enjoy cooking, believe it or not. But it is a necessity. It is the only way I know what goes in my body as we are responsible for how we feed ourselves, look and feel.

So here I found a nice chart of the guidelines I mainly follow. Depending on my training schedule I may increase consumption of complex carbohydrates and add a few gluten-free carbohydrates here and there. For the most part (maybe 90 %), this is how I eat.

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