Pita Pizza

I came across this product at my local Publix and thought it would be great for the occasional pizza craving. Check it out!



First, I toasted the pita by itself in my toaster oven at 400 degrees. Feel free to put then in a regular oven as well. Then I spread one tablespoon of tomato sauce (I used left over pasta sauce). Some chopped chicken and some low fat mozzarella cheese.

Place back in oven and toast until cheese is melted and pita is crispy.



Friday nights equals to pizza for me.  I have looked into a few pizza recipes and just decided to create my own.  It is so easy that you should just be able to pick out your favorite toppings and make your own pizza. 

Why go through the trouble??  Well, for one you will know exactly what is going in your mouth!  No hidden ingredients when you cook at home.  Two, you can choose the dough and make it healthier by picking whole wheat.  Three,  it is customized to your likes.

Below you will see the dough I chose.  I found this at a healthy market or you can get it in the organic section of the grocerie store.  This package makes two pizza dishes.

My toppings were tomatoes, basil, reduced fat feta cheese, prosciutto and pasta sauce.  For the sauce I used regular red sauce you would use for cooking pasta. I tend to buy organic.  I did not put so much cheese but that is to your liking. 

Be creative  and make your own!