Miami Man Half Iron Triathlon

Lately I’ve been too quiet and this is the reason…. Miami Man Triathlon.

For the past few weeks I’ve concentrated on the last details of training, taking care if minimal injuries and keeping my nerves under control. This Sunday I will do my first half Iron distance triathlon.

I would like to talk about goals in terms of time but I will refrain from that. This will be my first time doing 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run all together. My plan is to finish that race knowing that I gave it my all. That’s one of the things I enjoy so much about endurance sports, just the adrenaline rush you get to push your body that becomes addictive. So I will do just that and have fun along the way.

I can’t wait till Sunday cause”I’m doing the Zoo!”


My Next Challenge

Three down and one to go! My next challenge is the Miami Man Half Iron Distance. I continue to train pretty hard and this month is the toughest one yet. I hope to survive and hope that this Miami weather gives us a break from the heat, rain and high humidity. Just last weekend I completed my first double brick which was an hour and 15 minute bike, than an hour run x 2! I have a feeling will be doing more of these and it won’t get any easier.

Here’s what my next race consists of.

On November 11, 2012.

Distance: 1.2 Miles
The swim will take place in Larry and Penny’s crystal clear lake. The swim portion is open all summer long for swimming. Participants will start on the North side of the beach and swim a .6 mile loop clockwise around the lake

Distance: 56 Miles
The bike ride will go through farmland areas of unincorporated Miami-Dade county (the Redlands).

Distance: 13.1 Miles
The first mile includes paved road and some hard packed dirt road that takes you through the back gate into Zoo Miami where you will run by various zoo animal exhibits.

At that point the run course goes down and back the beautiful palm tree-lined Zoo Miami main entrance, then re-enters the Zoo at about the 4 mile mark for more animal exhibits. The run then goes through non-public areas of the zoo to another back entrance to Larry and Penny Park and from that point back to the finish area.

I Did It, I Escaped To Miami!

I’m happy to report that I completed Escape to Miami Olympic triathlon!

Weather was not too promising on the days before the race, especially the day before when we had to do bike drop off at the race site. Most of us had to leave their bikes covered and hope for the best.

The day came and we were all hoping for no rain. As we got on the ferry we felt a drizzle but nothing more than that. It was a great event and I truly enjoyed. Jumping from the ferry into open water at night time since sunrise in Miami is closer to 7:00 am these days definitely made it interesting but fun. I would totally recommend this race and the Olympic distance is the way to go!



Will I Finish?


I’m very excited and a little nervous about this Sunday’s race. I will be participating in the Olympic distance Escape to Miami Triathlon.

Here’s what I’ll be doing…

Swim Course (1.5 KM/0.9 Miles)

Starts on Escape Island (from where your ferry will drop you off) and heads back to Miami in the open waters of Biscayne Bay north of the Venetian and MacArthur Causeways. Land ashore at Margaret Pace Park and head to the transition.

Bike Course (40 KM/24.8 Miles)

The bike course takes you over the bay on a straightaway into Miami Beach using the Julia Tuttle Causeway. The two lap course provides you with a challenge as you climb the causeway while remaining within view of Escape Island. This portion of the course requires participants to climb the causeway’s bridges eight times and will favor those riders who’ve integrated multiple short climbs into their cycling workouts, so train accordingly! The course also passes through Miami’s revamped Wynwood Design District and past some of Miami Beach’s well known mansions along Alton Road.

Run Course (10 KM/6.2 Miles)

The course takes you past the The Adrienne Arsht Center and Miami Herald buildings, two of Miami’s signature architectural landmarks. You then begin the climb over the MacArthur Causeway, running along cruise ship row and Hibiscus & Palm Islands. You’ll make your turn around at Star Island, home of Miami’s rich and famous. As you complete your run back over the bridge, you will have one last glimpse off to your right of where it all started, Escape Island.

Wish me luck!!

Mack Cycle Trilogy 8-19-12

Yesterday I participated in a sprint triathlon that’s part of a 4 race series. This is my third year participating and my improvements are really starting to show. This year I only did two events; one in June and the other yesterday. I’ve trained hard since the race in June and it shows. Take a look at my times for both events.

1⁄4 Mile Swim-10 Mile Bike- 3.1 Mile Run


I was focused and I was ready to push myself. Improving eight minutes on my sprint time only gets me more motivated to keep working hard. My next races won’t be this short and I have some serious training to do….

Next on my list for this year are Escape to Miami Olympic distance and Miami Man Half Iron distance!!!

Got Legs?

This past weekend I was lucky to be able to take part on Reaction’s tri camp in Clermont, Fl.

We were all so excited that us girls even got our nails camp ready!


All I can say about that weekend is wow! The rolling hills were never-ending.



We rode the famous Sugarloaf climb which is a half mile climb and it was no joke!


We would stop on a house on top of the hill where the owners are gracious enough to put out water for all the riders to refill their bottles. It was our half way meet up point.


On Saturday we rode from 2.5 (30 miles) and some rode 3+ hours and ran 20-30 minutes after. In the afternoon we went to the National training center where we did our swim session for an hour and 15 minutes.


On Sunday we rode 3 hours (41 miles), some 4 and ran 15-20 minutes after. It was a weekend of hard work but very beneficial as we don’t have any hills here in Miami, Fl. I can definitely see why so many people from the surrounding areas travel to Clermont to train on those hills.

I’m a Big Girl Now!

Sorry I haven’t been posting as often lately but I do have a few updates to tell you about throughout the week.

I’ll start with the most exciting one for me. My new bike!!!!!!!!!! Last week for my birthday present I upgraded my very basic road bike to triathlon bike. I was very excited but somewhat nervous due to the new position of the bike. I went out last Sunday for my first ride on it and did close to 60 miles. I was so happy with it!!! I tend to have back pain and didn’t feel a thing on it. I rode on it all weekend feeling great (but that’s my next post ;-)).

I get to test it out on a sprint race this Sunday. 🙂


Let The Fun Begin!

Although my triathlon season started back in April when I completed Nautica South Beach Triathlon, now it’s when it gets good! This Sunday I will be doing a sprint tri from the Trilogy series. From then on I will be participating in a triathlon every other month up until November.

The plan: Continue with swimming 2-3 times a week. Boot camp 2-3 times a week (this is where I do most of my running and cross training). Ride 2-3 times a week.

I’m excited about this Sunday’s race because it’s nice and short. I have also done it in the past so I can compare and see if my times have improved. My toughest part is the bike. I don’t put in as much time as I should so I’m realistic about what I can do. Even though I’m not a fast swimmer, I’m comfortable in the water and don’t freak out like I used. It’s really hot here in Miami and weather plays a big role when racing. Hydration and optimal eating habits are a must days before a race. Let’s see how it goes…

Ohh, almost forgot! One of the reasons I’m looking forward to this race so much is because I get to do it with my training partner who has joined my triathlon adventures. So excited! 🙂


What’s Up, Doc?

So I’ve been MIA for a while now with the hope of getting new content up and then, life happens. Crazy work schedule in March, catching a nasty flu that left me “out of the game” for almost three weeks, and to be honest no wish to cook! Does this happen to any of you??? I’m so good about cooking all my meals and preparing food days in advance… When all of a sudden, I don’t even want to look at the stove or the oven. I just feel exhausted and needed a break. But not to worry, I will be back in my kitchen very soon!

In the past few weeks I’ve completed some events and have tried a couple of things I want to share. I also got a speech from the husband about not keeping up with my blog! So here it is….

On April 1st I completed the Nautica South Beach Triathlon. You probably remember I was raising funds for the St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital for this race. I’m happy to report that I completed my first Olympic Triathlon by finishing. However, let’s not even discuss time! haha! I was running a fever for three days just before the race and I decided to do it anyway just with the goal of completion. Wow! I’ve never been so miserable in a race. I could barely breathe and had to swim a mile. Had no energy and had to bike almost 25 miles. Felt exhausted and ran 6.2 miles. I’m glad I did it but will NEVER race while sick again!

Next, I want to share a Paleo delivery meal company I’ve used for almost a month now while I take my break from the kitchen. I researched different ones and decided to try The Paleo Divas. They have different portions and I opted for the smaller one. I do add some veggies to the food sometimes but so far the food has been great.

I also bought coupon deals for Eat Clean RX and I can’t wait to try those!!

Have anyone used any other meal delivery service?? It’s so convenient I’m having a hard time letting go. I receive my meals every morning from the Paleo Divas. When I wake up, I run to my door excited to get my food. 🙂

A Few Proud Moments

Where has my free time gone? Between a crazy month at work and getting in as much training time as I can for my upcoming race I barely have any time for cooking and blogging. 😦 Magazines pile away on my coffee table without getting a chance to glance through them. Forget TV time! By the time I finally hit the couch, I’m out in 5 minutes. But I do have a few things I wanted to share….

First, Spartan race. Yup I survived the Super Spartan race with my Jungle Fitness team! I’m happy to report that over 200 teams participated and we ranked in second place!

Another great moment was when I found I was included in the honorable mentions of the Healthiest Person You know Contest This contest was by nominations only in which my husband wrote the The Best Compliment Ever! I was really surprised and excited about it.

Last but not least, my fund-raising efforts for The Nautica South Beach Triathlon benefiting St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital were outstanding! I reached $1,020!!!!!!! All I can say is THANK YOU to all my friends and family for the support. That surpassed my first goal I couldn’t be happier to help in such a good cause! I will be ready to race on April 1st!