Women’s Vitamins

As I’m running low on my children’s gummy bear multi-vitamins I start to do some research to find an adult vitamin that is still to my liking. I always had a tough time taking those huge pills and I’m not alone. Recently I read on Fitness magazine that 40 % of adults have trouble taking large pills. I also learned that I need to get over that and just take the damn pill. So in my research I found 2 vitamins that caught my attention. I opted for one (yes I gave in and found another gummy vitamin) and later I will try the second option.

Here are the two I found:

The first one is BodyBoost Women’s Energy and Wellness Multi Gummy.
I picked this vitamin because it is made with all natural/organic fruits and vegetables. I had some key components of what I’m looking for. Energy, bone, digestion and immune support. The deciding factor was me giving in to gummy vitamins. 🙂 I’m a kid at heart what can I say. I also take my vitamins right after lunch and having something sweet to chew on after the meal took care of any sweet cravings. Even if it was just vitamins. Oh and please adhere to the serving size. I never just eat them like candy!

The second option was Just Once® Multivitamin. This vitamin is not chewable but it caught my attention due to that it is also a food based vitamin for better absorption. It is gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and yeast-free. I can’t wait to try this vitamin.

Whatever you choose just make sure that it goes with your eating habits. That’s why I opted for more natural/organic vitamins without preservatives or processed ingredients. It doesn’t make sense to dedicate so much to cooking and eating wholesome foods and then take supplements that are the opposite of that. Please always do your own research. Not everything works the same on everyone and remember, I AM NOT A DOCTOR. This is only my personal findings and opinions.

In addition to a multi-vitamin I also take vitamin C, B-complex and fish oil….

Have a great day!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Women’s Vitamins

  1. Hi Khania. Just thought I’d let you know that another good source of vitamins and they are gummies as well, is Vita Fusion Multi Vites. Vita Fusion has vitamins of all types in gummy type. They have excellent reviews and you can check that at http://nnpvitamins.com/vitafusion/. Two gummies have as much vitamin A as 1 cup of broccoli, vitamin C as 1 tangerine, and vitamin D as 3 oz of salmon. All colors and flavors are natural and they contain no wheat (gluten), milk, eggs, peanuts or soy. Check it out and let me know what you think. Also, try checking out Pure Pharma products. I have really considered investing in this and everyone is swearing by them, especially their Omega 3 Fish Oils. Just a thought…xoxo

  2. Another good multi vitamin is Women’s Alive Once Daily. I’ve been taking this for over a year and has been great. I also take fish oil religiously, I just need to add B-complex to my intake.

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